Medical Records Institute sees teamwork on every project as the key success element and is responsible for creating this environment. MRI is motivated by a vision of a future in which everyone has the best care and health possible through the availability of health information. For more than 5 years, we have worked to fulfill this vision by assembling an unequaled team. Today, we have dedicated and talented people around the Africa working in concert to envision a better health and health care future and creatively overcoming obstacles to make it so.

MRI is a Staff of dedicated and talented people, most of whom operate out of our home base in Nairobi, Kenya

MRI is a cadre of hundreds of Expert Faculty members from around the world who devote their extensive talents and energies to help us spread our ideas, methods, and philosophies.

MRI is our Board of Directors, a dedicated group of highly respected professionals who provide our strategic rudder.

MRI is our vital group of Improvement Advisors, who bring the science of improvement concepts, methods, and tools to support change and drive results.

 MRI is our Senior Fellows, influential leaders with national and international reputations who add richness and depth to the intellectual life of the organization and our community of fellows and faculty.

 MRI is our Current Fellows, a vibrant team of mid-career health professionals who are immersed in our year-long program at MRI’s office in Nairobi and will return to their home organizations to lead transformative change.

MRI is our Fellow Alumni, a growing group of committed health care leaders who have the shared experience of the MRI Fellowship and who continue to offer mutual support in the hard work of improving care for patients.

MRI is our Scientific Advisory Group, a team of internationally recognized scientists who provide expert review and guidance to improve the rigor and credibility of our results-oriented programs and activities.

 But most of all, MRI is YOU. MRI is not an organization with walls; it is really more of a movement for collaboration and change. And that is only possible to the extent that change-minded people and organizations are part of the work. We welcome anyone, anywhere who shares our passion for the improvement of health systems management to join with us.​

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